Some frequently asked questions about Termites and their management.

Q. I've found termites, what do I do?

A. Leave the area as undisturbed as possible and call your local professional termite management expert.


Q. But the flyspray or (insert   any other substance at hand) seems to kill them.

A. Many substances may kill the few termites at hand, but it is highly unlikely to have had any effect on the rest of the termite colony.  


Q. Can I start the repairs this weekend?

A. NO.   Successful management of active termites tends to favour those who take the calm and considered approach. A timeline of from 2-3 months up to a year in some cases is more realistic greatly depending on the termite species and the termite   treatment method chosen.



Please note this information can be general in nature only and it is strongly recommended that you engage the services of a professional termite management   technician familiar with termites in your locality, licensed and insured in your locality and knowledgable in all local regulations and termite management products available in your locality. Termite management can be a challenging area of pest management even for experienced technicians, so it is extremely important that a termite management plan be uniquely designed for your property after it is fully inspected.

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