Pre-Purchase-Timber Pest Inspection

To arrange a pre-purchase timber pest inspection to AS4349.3 - 2010 

  • download the inspection agreement and return it signed. *
  • by fax to 49549834
  • or by mail to PO Box 425 Cardiff NSW 2285.
  • or provide it to the inspector onsite before the commencement of the inspection. 
  • or meet the inspector onsite where a hardcopy version of the timber pest agreement can be provided by the inspector.
  • or have your authorised representative sign the timber pest agreement on your behalf and forward it to us. 



*If You fail to sign and to return a copy of this agreement to Us and do not cancel the requested inspection then You
agree that You have read and understand the contents of this agreement and that we will carry out the inspection on
the basis of this agreement and that we can rely on this agreement.


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