Termidor® Residual Insecticide and Termidor® Dust are both very useful and highly recommended products in termite management,

if used in the right situation, and applied appropriately by a competent professional termite manager.

Please remember with any termite treatment, no one product is perfect for every situation.


It is extremely important for the professional termite manager to choose the correct product

for the actual termite management problem as presented,

as it is often quite unique to each home.


Hence the need for a fully documented termite inspection,

before any termite treatment can be undertaken by a professional termite manager.


All termite management should be undertaken by a licensed, insured and professionally trained termite manager.


Do not hesitate to ask to see the licence and insurance details of any professional termite manager.

Termite management can be quite challenging even for experienced termite managers,

so ask as many questions as possible before any treatment is commenced,

to better ensure you engage a true termite professional. 


Termitedoc Pest Control is an Accredited Termidor Applicator.

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Termitedoc Pest Control is an Accredited Termidor Applicator.


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