We find this to be a flexible and successful product in active termite management and ongoing monitoring of properties.  


Nemesis™ has been designed as a professional termite control product, providing a safe, non-invasive answer to your concerns about termite attack and damage in your home.  

Every day, countless Australian homes are targeted by these insects, causing thousands of dollars of damage to timber structures and fittings.

All too often, there is no evidence of their presence until it is to late!

This state of the art system gives you peace of mind when it comes to protecting one of your most valuable assets - your home.




I've Found Termites - what now

If you discover termites or their mud trails or timber damage, don't panic!

  1. Don't spray them with fly spray -  it has no effect on the overall colony.
  2. Leave the area as undisturbed as possible.
  3. Call a professional timber pest specialist. (Termitedoc Pest Control 0439 11 11 33).


Why a timber pest specialist?

  • Termite management requires training in locating and detecting activity and colony workings. A timber pest specialist has extensive knowledge of termite biology and behaviour.
  • A timber pest specialist is experienced in one of the most important aspects of termite management - property inspection. They are able to correctly interpret inspection results and thus recommend appropriate treatment methods.
  • A timber pest specialist understands building construction techniques and how they relate to the planning and implementation of a successful termite management program.
  • Termite management professionals are skilled in the servicing and maintenance of the specialized systems that are available for termite control. In particular, those who have undertaken the Nemesis™ accreditation course are able to fully show you how the Nemesis™ system can detect colonies and eliminate them from your home.
  • The Nemesis™ system can only be installed by a professional pest manager.



Nemesis - How does it work inside your home

The Nemesis™ Bait Matrix is particularly attractive to termites - they will feed on it in preference to the timber of your home.

This means that if active termites are located within your home, baiting can commence immediately, using specially designed above ground feeding stations which are placed over the termite workings.

The workers will often rapidly accept the bait, taking it back to the nest and sharing it with the queen, soldiers and other workers.

The termites cannot sense that the bait is affecting their ablility to grow and develop.


The active ingredient, Chlorfluazuron is not only a proven insect growth regulator, is also stops the colony being able to reproduce effectively or successfully.

The colony consequently loses whole generations of replacement members; it progressively declines and inevitably collapses.

The effects of the Nemesis™ bait are visible and can be tracked visually.

This means that the colony elimination can be reliably determined.

The termites' natural habits, food preferences and feeding behaviour are all used to its disadvantage.



Nemesis-How does it work around your house

Nemesis inground stations afford your home ongoing protection from termite attack.

These stations are placed strategically around the exterior of your home, either in soil, through concrete or under pavers where they become your first line of defence against possible termite attack. They can actually be placed at any area of risk on your property.

Regular monitoring of these inground stations at 8 to 12 week intervals, by a timber pest specialist, allows for early detection of foraging termites.


When activity is detected in these stations, Nemesis bait is introduced into the upper void of the stations, where it can be taken by the termites.

The Nemesis bait acts in the same way on the colony as when used inside your home.

The active stations are inspected at regular more frequent than normal intervals, and the bait is replenished or refreshed as required in order to facilitate the the continuing uptake of the bait by the termites.

When the colony has been eliminated the residual bait is removed, new timber inserts are installed and regular, every 8-12 week inspections of the stations are recommenced.



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